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What Is Waist Training
Waist Training is the gradual process of cinching your waist using a compressive garment helping you to achieve hourglass curves. Our high quality waist shapers will strengthen your core and improve your posture. Permanent waist reshaping requires discipline and we encourage you carry out your waist training journey safely and request you do your research before purchasing to check if waist training is right for you.

*Use in conjunction with a healthy eating plan and moderate exercise for effective results, this is not a fat loss product.

Is Waist Training Safe?
It is essential to use the waist training corsets supplied by WTSA correctly. The waist trainers supplied by WTSA is safe provided you use the correct size and do not squeeze your body into 3 sizes too small or the size you would like to be. Waist training is a gradual process therefore will work over a period of time. Our waist trainers contain moderate bendable steel bones and are not firm enough to cause your organs to be squashed or move around. Waist trainers are often used not only to achieve hour glass celebrity inspired curves but also to alleviate back pain and assist in strengthening core muscles after pregnancy.

How often can I wear my corset?
Begin by “breaking in” your corset and wearing it for a minimum of 2-4 hours a day and gradually build up to keeping the corset on for up to 8 hours per day for effective results.

How do I wear it?
This is a common question, ensure that the widest part of the waist trainer is at the bottom and fits snug on the hips with the narrowest part sitting under the bust area. The zip/eye and hook closures should be on the front.

Can I waist train after pregnancy?
Yes consult your doctor prior to using. Many celebrities use high compression corsets post partum to achieve their pre baby bodies. Wearing a high compression corsets after your pregnancy helps to bind your core musles back together and strengthen your back as well as giving you an instantly flatter abdomen.

Will Waist Training make me lose weight?
Simply wearing a waist trainer won’t help you lose weight, the waist trainer is a tool in your weight loss journey. The compression the waist trainer provides on the stomach area will make you feel fuller for longer periods of time thereby making you eat less and making you aware of what you put in your mouth.

Can I wear my corset to the gym?
Yes. I wouldn’t recommend wearing the corset for exercise’s where you have to bend such as yoga or Pilates however I would recommend for running, walking, and aerobics. The micromassage you will receive from wearing your corset whilst exercising creates perspiration (sweating) over the abdomen, love handles, lower back aiding weight loss in these areas.
There are a variety of products to use while gyming such as the Sports cincher, Thermo Waist Eraser and Ultimate Sweat Suit

How do I know if the Corset fits?
The corset should be tight , as a general rule if you can do it up with a struggle it fits. If you feel pain, back pain, stomach pain or sickness when wearing I would advise you to go up a size and keep this one as a downsize.

When will I need to downsize?
Everyone is different this can range from a couple of weeks to a couple of months I advise you to downsize as soon as the corset feels significantly loose.

I have developed a rash or skin irritation?
The Corsets are natural Latex if you have developed a skin irritation remove the corset as you may be allergic to the latex. Skin irritations can also occur due to heat rash, sweat irritation, Rubbing due to corset becoming bigger therefore moving more creating friction. I recommend a vest top underneath which can help with rubbing and also great for sweat absorption.

Can I exchange my corset?
Yes! You may exchange for an alternate size or product. Unused and new in original packaging corsets will be accepted. Notify us within 3 days of receiving to process an exchange. You will need to send the product back on your own account or pay an additional R99 for our couriers to collect it. Defective corsets will be exchanged within a period of 30 days from date of received.

Medical disclaimer
Waist Trainer SA under the ZSMH(Pty) Ltd , its directors and/or employees shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages resulting from the improper use of our products. By wearing our products you are hereby releasing Waist Trainer SA ZSMH(Pty) Ltd , its directors and/or employees of any legal liability.

Medical advice
Do not use if allergic to latex, Do not use if pregnant. If pain persists discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor. Not suitable for under 18years.

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