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9th October 2019

Once your order has been placed and paid, a confirmation email will be sent. The confirmation email will be sent once the funds have reflected in our account. Should the payment reflect over the weekend, a confirmation email will be sent the next business day.

Our current delivery timeframe is between 4-7 business days, certain areas are not serviced via The Courier Guy and will therefore be sent via PAXI couriers upon notification.

If you have any concerns with regards to your order please email hello@waisttrainer.co.za

26th June 2019

• The best way to wash your waist trainer is to do it by hand. Hand washing improves the life of the trainer. Simply wash the cincher by hand using cold water and remember, never think about throwing it into the tumble dryer. Instead, let it dry at room temperature.

• The things you use to wash your waist cincher should also be chosen carefully. Usually, it is better to follow the instructions present on your cincher. However, if you are unable to find any such washing instructions, you can simply use a mild soap or detergent to clean it by mixing it with some water. This will help make sure that your cincher doesn’t lose its color or texture.

• Never ever twist or wring your cincher. This is because those are the quickest ways to damage it. Avoiding twisting and wringing is one of the basic aspects of learning to wash or clean a waist cincher properly. Washing it by your hand without twisting and wringing will protect the boning from breaking, thus making the cincher last for longer period.

• Do not use bleach when washing your waist cincher because this powerful agent has the potential to destroy its material.

• And finally, refrain from ironing the cincher.

15th January 2019

Hi ladies,

We often get asked “how do I choose the right size”

Using the guide below, will help you select the most suitable size

Take a vinyl measuring tape(aka tailors measuring tape) and wrap it around your waist tightly using the belly button as a marker.

Eg. 33,34,36 etc is the inches – turn the measuring tape around and use the centimetre size(these are usually numbers higher up 67 – 130cm) and match the number to the size chart available in the product description of each chart.

If your measurements are at the beginning range of the next size up, E.g 83cm a Large in the 25SB latex waist trainer you’ll want to select a medium, the reason being is that once you hook the trainer up you will be on the last row of eye and hook closures and have no further clips to make the waist trainer smaller once your waist line decreases

We don’t recommend taking a size or sizes too small. Would you take a size 32 top and spend money on it when you are aware that it won’t fit unless you loose weight or gym more ?

Same applies to selecting a waist trainer, selecting the right size will make your waist training journey a pleasant and comfortable one. Once you notice results you will continue wearing it and sizing down in no time

Much love,
S x

P.S Yes! We do accept exchanges/returns, if you’ve received your garment and find its too big or small simply email us returns@waisttrainer.co.za and we will gladly exchange it for you

5th June 2018

How do I choose the correct size ?

In order for the waist trainer to be effective, its vital to select the right size. Therefore I recommend measuring your waist along the belly button area and matching the number to the size chart found in the product description below the product on the online store. Remember to pull the measuring tape quite tight to record a accurate reading.

Its a myth that you need to select a size smaller for it to be effective. The waist trainer is equipped with 3 rows of eye and hook closures therefore as your waist gets smaller you can progress to the next row of eye and hook closures to tighten the trainer.


How does your ordering work?

Simply order directly via the online store or email us hello@waisttrainer.co.za

Once your order and payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your order has been processed and delivered within xx number of days. We are trying our best to deliver within 1-3 days!


How do I get my package ?

Delivery is via The Courier Guy to your door, you don’t need to collect it anywhere. Its best to provide a delivery address whereby you are during the weekdays between 8-4pm. Unattended addresses will result in delayed delivery.


I need to speak to someone for assistance ?

Email us hello@waisttrainer.co.za or whatsapp +27614619011

22nd December 2016

This is really a suppertive corset. When I wear it not only does it make my figure look like an hourglass but it also helps support my lower back. I know the intended use of the corset is to reshape my waist but it really provides great support for my lower back. The corset has 25 steel strips that provide this support. The strips of steel are so well placed and cushioned by thicker material that they do not bother or hurt me. My figure with the corset on is sleeker and so much smaller in the midriff area. There is different rows of hook and eye closures so I can chose which row for a perfect fit. I like this corset, it is what I consider “heavy duty” but yet still really comfortable. I also like the color that I selected (which was skin), I can wear the corset under my clothes without it being obvious I have a corset on.

Nomsa, Witbank

8th December 2016


Just a quick note on our festive trading at Waist Trainer SA

Any orders placed between the 16/12/16 and the 23/12/16 will be delivered within the standard timeframe of 5-10 business days.

Our offices will be closing from the 23/12/16 – 03/01/16.

Any orders placed during this period will be dispatched from the 03/01/16.

Orders may be placed 24/7 365 days of the year, once your payment reflects an automatic email confirmation will be sent to confirm payment and order status.

As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business. Thanks for a great year, and we wish you all the best as you embark on 2017.





3rd December 2016

LISA: Skinny Tea and waist trainer review


NAME: Lisa Jacobs

CITY: Durban

Starting Waist measurement: 98 cm

Waist Trainer size: XXL

Starting date: 17-11-16

Current Waist measurement: 87 cm


A few weeks ago I purchased a 9 steel bone latex waist trainer and a set of Skinny Tea to help me with water weight gain and to detox/clean out my system. Im a coffee-girl and hardly venture near herbal teas and thought that my tea experience would be the pinch-your-nose-and-swallow-quickly  experience.


I was pleasantly surprised that the tea tasted that good.

In the tins you’ll receive one pouch with 28 servings of loose leaf tea enough for each day for the next 28 days.


I have already noticed a dramatic decrease in bloating and have dropped some water weight gain. I am experiencing a reduced appetite(*happy danxce*) and less of a desire for sugary treats.


The tea was used in conjunction with the waist trainer which I wore for about 7 hours everyday.


I did not up my physical activity as much as I would have liked to as being a mum of 2 keeps me busy and little free time.



23rd November 2016

Hi Gorgeous!

Here are some fabulous tips for waist training sourced from WaisttrainerX

So we’ve decided to throw a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your waist trainer or to help you decided how or what to start with.

1. Get the right size. I can’t stress this enough. We’ve done the tests, we know the sizes well. Measure up and get the size which is best for you. If you go slightly too small you won’t be able to wear it. In saying this, getting two sizes sometimes is not a bad thing. Serious waist trainers will reduce their waist size and be able to wear the next size down at some stage (some even in the first 2-3 weeks).
2. Start slow and get to know your waist trainer. Start with 2 hours a day and lead up to 8 hours a day over 2 weeks. You waist cincher will learn your body and your body will also learn the shape of the cincher. Your body and the trainer are different in shape and size when you first start, so take it slow and do it right. Listen to your body.

3. Stay hydrated. Yes you want results, but results won’t come if you don’t do it right. Waist training will reduce the size of your waist and also make the area to contain food and water smaller. Which means you need to be aware of your water intake and hydration. Keep it up and allow your body to stay healthy and hydrated while you train. It’s the main reason we partnered with Think Flask to offer a stylish water bottle to have in our store.

4. Get 2 waist trainers. I know this might sound unnecessary but hear us out. Your waist trainer will need to breathe away from your body and will also need cleaning. You will need to prepare for the downtime of not being able to wear your trainer as it needs cleaning and drying. During this time, you can consider this as lost waist training time. Your 2nd waist trainer will help you rotate during the cleaning process. If you plan on doing waist training properly, then at the very least – 2 waist trainers are needed.

5. Wash your waist trainer. This is a bit of a follow up to the last point. OK, this might sound simple, but you would be surprised how many people don’t clean their trainer. The latex is delicate and you don’t want to ruin your investment. Hand washing is recommended and allow to dry flat in a cooler shaded area. Never machine wash or tumble dry. Your waist training corset should be completely dry before you wear it again. Failure to do this will see your waist lose it’s longevity and you may need to replace it earlier than expected. The steel boning needs to lay flat when not in use, don’t bend it to fit somewhere as the steel if not dried and lay down flat could break and cause major discomfort when you wear it again.

6. Keep your core strong. Working out your core muscles like your abdominals, lats, obliques and other muscles and muscles groups will allow your stability to strengthen while waist training. You will notice as soon as you wear a waist training cincher that your back will immediately be supported and your posture will be improved. When wearing for longer periods your core may have tendencies to rely on your trainer rather than your muscles as the would be used to. For this reason, it’s very important to keep your core strong. Try working out without your trainer for every other core session you do.

7. Wait it out. Some people will get results faster than others and that is completely OK. Be patient. This is not a quick fix, it’s one part of many to helping you get the shape you desire. Understand you are doing this as a long term commitment. Don’t give up after a couple of weeks because you aren’t happy with the results. Even though a waist trainer will give you immediate results and show amazing shape the first time you put it on, the longer lasting results are what you really want to aim for.
8. Understand you are going to get noticed. Some love to live the waist trainer culture and show off their new toy like it’s a new baby and others prefer to tuck their waist trainers under their clothes so no-one knows what their secret is. Either way, be prepared to have eyes on you and potentially for people to ask questions of you and maybe even judge you. Understand your response now and be prepared for it. Always remember this is for you. Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love.

9. Eat healthy. We won’t go into this too much, but please don’t go stuffing your face with burgers and expect that your waist trainer will pick up the slack. It won’t. This is a team effort between your exercise, your eating and your waist trainer.

10. Show us some love. Take a photo and show us your new waist trainer or even better, your results! We’re on instagram and Facebook. Private message us and stay anonymous if you prefer or tag us or use the hashtag #wtsa. So many of our customers send us their progress shots or initial shape and we love it! It keeps us going and it allows others to see that we really have amazing customers who love our products.

Source: Waisttrainerx


Sam Xx


21st November 2016

Hi Gorgeous !

Perfect fit = perfect curves. An important step to ordering shape wear is identifying the size that will fit your body best. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a size that’s too small because you think you might look thinner. The opposite is true, if it’s too tight, it will be extremely unflattering and uncomfortable. Follow the easy steps below to get the ideal size you need

Based on your waist measurements, the sizes below are applicable to 25 steel bone latex waist trainers

Start by measuring the circumference of your waist across the navel area to determine the most accurate size and then matching the number to the guidelines below

XS: 62-68 cm

S: 68 – 72 cm

M: 72 – 77cm

L: 78 – 84cm

XL: 88 – 94cm

XXL: 96- 102cm

XXXL: 104 – 110cm

4XL: 112 – 116cm

5XL: 118 – 124cm

6XL: 124 – 132cm

Example: If you are size 76cm, a medium will be best suited

If you need assistance please email us: info@waisttrainer.co.za || hello@waisttrainer.co.za

Sam Xx

  • Curve Queen Sets
  • Purchased by someone from Orlando West Soweto
  • about 4 days ago