This is really a suppertive corset. When I wear it not only does it make my figure look like an hourglass but it also helps support my lower back. I know the intended use of the corset is to reshape my waist but it really provides great support for my lower back. The corset has 25 steel strips that provide this support. The strips of steel are so well placed and cushioned by thicker material that they do not bother or hurt me. My figure with the corset on is sleeker and so much smaller in the midriff area. There is different rows of hook and eye closures so I can chose which row for a perfect fit. I like this corset, it is what I consider “heavy duty” but yet still really comfortable. I also like the color that I selected (which was skin), I can wear the corset under my clothes without it being obvious I have a corset on.

Nomsa, Witbank