LISA: Skinny Tea and waist trainer review


NAME: Lisa Jacobs

CITY: Durban

Starting Waist measurement: 98 cm

Waist Trainer size: XXL

Starting date: 17-11-16

Current Waist measurement: 87 cm


A few weeks ago I purchased a 9 steel bone latex waist trainer and a set of Skinny Tea to help me with water weight gain and to detox/clean out my system. Im a coffee-girl and hardly venture near herbal teas and thought that my tea experience would be the pinch-your-nose-and-swallow-quickly  experience.


I was pleasantly surprised that the tea tasted that good.

In the tins you’ll receive one pouch with 28 servings of loose leaf tea enough for each day for the next 28 days.


I have already noticed a dramatic decrease in bloating and have dropped some water weight gain. I am experiencing a reduced appetite(*happy danxce*) and less of a desire for sugary treats.


The tea was used in conjunction with the waist trainer which I wore for about 7 hours everyday.


I did not up my physical activity as much as I would have liked to as being a mum of 2 keeps me busy and little free time.