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Perfect fit = perfect curves. An important step to ordering shape wear is identifying the size that will fit your body best. Don’t make the mistake of ordering a size that’s too small because you think you might look thinner. The opposite is true, if it’s too tight, it will be extremely unflattering and uncomfortable. Follow the easy steps below to get the ideal size you need

Based on your waist measurements, the sizes below are applicable to 25 steel bone latex waist trainers

Start by measuring the circumference of your waist across the navel area to determine the most accurate size and then matching the number to the guidelines below

XS: 62-68 cm

S: 68 – 72 cm

M: 72 – 77cm

L: 78 – 84cm

XL: 88 – 94cm

XXL: 96- 102cm

XXXL: 104 – 110cm

4XL: 112 – 116cm

5XL: 118 – 124cm

6XL: 124 – 132cm

Example: If you are size 76cm, a medium will be best suited

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