Hi ladies,

We often get asked “how do I choose the right size”

Using the guide below, will help you select the most suitable size

Take a vinyl measuring tape(aka tailors measuring tape) and wrap it around your waist tightly using the belly button as a marker.

Eg. 33,34,36 etc is the inches – turn the measuring tape around and use the centimetre size(these are usually numbers higher up 67 – 130cm) and match the number to the size chart available in the product description of each chart.

If your measurements are at the beginning range of the next size up, E.g 83cm a Large in the 25SB latex waist trainer you’ll want to select a medium, the reason being is that once you hook the trainer up you will be on the last row of eye and hook closures and have no further clips to make the waist trainer smaller once your waist line decreases

We don’t recommend taking a size or sizes too small. Would you take a size 32 top and spend money on it when you are aware that it won’t fit unless you loose weight or gym more ?

Same applies to selecting a waist trainer, selecting the right size will make your waist training journey a pleasant and comfortable one. Once you notice results you will continue wearing it and sizing down in no time

Much love,
S x

P.S Yes! We do accept exchanges/returns, if you’ve received your garment and find its too big or small simply email us returns@waisttrainer.co.za and we will gladly exchange it for you