How do I choose the correct size ?

In order for the waist trainer to be effective, its vital to select the right size. Therefore I recommend measuring your waist along the belly button area and matching the number to the size chart found in the product description below the product on the online store. Remember to pull the measuring tape quite tight to record a accurate reading.

Its a myth that you need to select a size smaller for it to be effective. The waist trainer is equipped with 3 rows of eye and hook closures therefore as your waist gets smaller you can progress to the next row of eye and hook closures to tighten the trainer.


How does your ordering work?

Simply order directly via the online store or email us

Once your order and payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your order has been processed and delivered within xx number of days. We are trying our best to deliver within 1-3 days!


How do I get my package ?

Delivery is via The Courier Guy to your door, you don’t need to collect it anywhere. Its best to provide a delivery address whereby you are during the weekdays between 8-4pm. Unattended addresses will result in delayed delivery.


I need to speak to someone for assistance ?

Email us or whatsapp +27614619011